Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thanksgiving 2010...a little late!

I love the fact that through posting on our blog, Jay and I get to relive our memories one at a time! 

Since Jay and I were married on November 12, 2010, our first family holiday as a couple was Thanksgiving...and we had so much to be thankful for.  We split our day between our wonderful families.  We had a feast of a lunch at Jay's sister Tracy's house and then we drove back to my parent's house for the night time meal.  I have some pictures from Tracy and Steve's house that I would like to share!
 This picture is in front of Tracy and Steve's beautiful Christmas tree and we used this picture for OUR Christmas card this year! 
 Left to right: Kris, Kamaryn, Madalyn and Maggie Hynum (Jay's cousin)  It was a day of mixed emotions...Kris left on Thanksgiving day for work for THREE MONTHS.  We were all so glad to have gotten to celebrate the day with the whole Hynum family at least for the wonderful lunch!
 It was impossible to get a serious picture with this group.  But we tried.  The ladies are me, Tracy, and Maggie and the guys are of course Jay, Steve (Tracy's husband) and Kris.
 Steve with their dog Brit and then Molly on the right! 
 The guys!  Stuart, Jay, Kris and Steve!
 What beautiful girls!  Kamaryn and Madalyn were our flowergirls in the wedding!
We had so much fun, but the day was ALOT of family togetherness and I do remember us crashing that night! Ha! 
My one mushy comment though, would have to be that out of all of the Thanksgivings that I have experienced in my short life (I'm glass half full), this was the Thanksgiving that I have had the most to be thankful for.  Not only do I have a wonderful family that will always be a constant support in mine and Jay's life, but so does he.  He has a great family that is so full of love and has welcomed me with open arms.  We are so blessed, even when we seem to forget it at times, we are so blessed.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Peek At The Knot!!!

SO......I have been labeled Amy's giggle-box.  Which the title of this Blog has made me giggle for at least 5 minutes.  My beautiful wife and I traveled to the historic Peabody Hotel and stayed one night, then New York for the other part of our honeymoon, which was fantastic.   As we arrived at The Peabody and got settled in, I was like a small child wandering around looking for the ducks.  Amy added earlier in the Blog for my liking of Ornithology.   We finally got a glance of them in their fountain and followed their stamped footprints to our elevator.   It was such a beautiful hotel and the whole day was perfect.   It's simply amazing to have found such a partner and friend for life. I Love That Girl!
Our Room
Delicious, I saved Amy one I think!
The ducks going to their pool

NYC Bound!!!!

As we arrived in New York City that afternoon, we took a taxi to Hotel Wingate which is where we stayed only a few blocks from Time Square.  We were both anxious to check out the sites.  I spent the first few hours outside staring up just like a tourist. 


Time Square was beautiful.  Something everyone should experience at some point in their life.  I'm glad I got to spend it with my BFF!

A little video on Amy and I on a pedicab going through Time Square

The Rockerfeller Center Christmas tree was brought in and put up on our wedding day.  Here you see them installing scaffolding to trim the tree.
Radio City and about 10 pictures later just trying to get my 5-head out of the way

We of course got hungry close to mid-night and had to order Chinese takeout which was probably one of the best meals we had.  Head member of the clean plat club to the right.

Each morning, we would find a Starbuck's and have some coffee.   After our caffeine kicked in, we were off on our Manhattan adventure, we strolled towards lower part of the island.  In search for something that catches the eye, I had the most beautiful by my side.  Can I just say Amy Jordan makes the world seem so small.  Wowzers!

We got to see the Statue of Liberty!

The Charging Bull

As Kris says, I finally pulled my head out of my own.....
After the Charging Bull, we walked down Wallstreet and saw these people that we both thought were protesting something.  I had to have a picture with them in their new threads.  

These were not protesters.  It wasn't but yesterday I found out that this is a actual artist who works all over the world and lives in NYC.  Her name is Agata Olek. She has been creating some of the neatest works of art out of her crocheting. 
She actually covered the bull while a security guard was away.  This was done in December sometime I had found it on the net and put it all together. 

A sad face when she found out there is no El Sombrero anywhere in the NYC area.  We were so tired.  After a few days in the city, we were ready to go home.  Manhattan was really beautiful in its own way but there was nothing like arriving back in Memphis and taking the drive back home as Mr and Mrs. Jordan.  

And we finally made it home and celebrated our first Christmas together as a family.  Amy I love you so much and I am so thankful for you.  Your my best friend and I know what a lucky man I am. 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

If I...were king...of the forreeeeeessstt!

Completing a blog post makes me feel accomplished in some sort of way...its so much more rewarding than doing the dishes or putting up clothes!  So tonight, while I try to ignore the feelings of apathy about my job, housework, the blahness of the daily routine, I will post!

And tonight's post is mainly about pictures.  Pictures that make me smile.  Pictures that I flip through in my mind when my computer isn't near.  My dad has always said, and I love to quote him, that "land is the greatest investment.  They aren't making any more of it."  My father was raised in Jackson, MS and my mother was from a definitely more rural area of the state.  And I believe that the truth is that Dad decided very shortly after meeting my mom that he would live and raise his family in Franklin County.  He has always loved it there.  He is definitely an outdoorsman, a hunter with an appreciation for nature and hardwork.  This is probably a contributing factor to my sister marrying my brother-in-law, Jamie.  Jamie definitely believes in a hard days work and what it takes to keep things going.  And its probably a big reason that my husband husband. :) There's nothing cuter than watching grown men that I love giggle over a new tractor...or be completely confused by a half broken down tiller.  hee hee.
My grandmother's property and my father's property is all planted in pine trees (or soon will be).  It's the most beautiful place in the world.  And these pictures remind me of that beauty and also of how lucky I am to have these three great men in my life. 

jamie hates cameras so I HAD to post this good one of him. :)

I went on a walking tour with the menfolk. 
They complained about my picture taking, but yet they all wanted copies....

 The King of the Forest
 Having manly discussions on the four wheelers...
 Daddy getting eaten by a tree cutting machine
 Playing Bow Tic Tac Toe...Who won???
 "Uhhhh, I don't know guys, what do you think it is???"
 "hmmmmmm..... its probably the carbonator's piston starter belt."
Annnnnnd there they are!!!
And dressed for the occasion. Ha ha. Love them.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I think I have a problem...

A wise man (my Daddy) once said that "you can go broke saving money".  And I think that I am understanding him clearly now.  I am a sucker for the dollar aisle at Target, 'after holiday' shopping sprees and buy one get one free.  I don't get that shopping "high" from just plain shopping...I get it from getting a deal!  It's a problem.  Its a problem that Jay thinks is cute...and he will continue to think that it's cute until we don't have any money for peanut butter BUT I have forty pairs of Fourth of July patriotic sunglasses and ten packs of glow-in-the-dark bendy straws. So who needs peanut butter. :)

I have recently discovered two websites that have become a staple to my morning routine and an addiction in my life. and ( is interesting occasionally but not interesting enough to deserve more than this brief mention.). Both of these websites offer great deals in your area EVERY DAY and they are emailed to your phone.  I mean, I wake up for these emails....I go to sleep dreaming about what tomorrow's deal may be?  It's consuming.  And obsessive.  But I'm getting such great deals!  For instance, for $15.00 I got a $30.00 certificate to spend at a local vintage wine store!  I also got a $45.00 certificate to a local Italian restaurant for $22.00!  Other "deals" I have acquired include an on-site car wash/detail, an online scrapbooking certificate and a massage.  It's so convenient to have the app on my phone button and my preloaded debit card info purchases all of these prizes!! (I sound like a commercial. It's sad)

My favorite purchase, however, is a trip.  Yes, provides me with a list of about ten "Escapes" per week that are vacations across the U.S./S. America/Canada and they are at extremely discounted prices.  The one I purchased was to Florence, AL which is where my parents were married!  It includes two nights in the Marriot Shoals Hotel & Spa, complimentary breakfast each morning, a fifty dollar credit to the spa (we are putting it towards a couples massage) and a fifty dollar credit to the hotel's The 360 Grill (which is on a 22 story needle and rotates while you dine)!  All of this was....drum roll..... $235.00.  I couldn't believe it.  I still can't.  I'm so excited I can't stand it.  :)

So, this will be our first trip since the honeymoon.  And we can't wait!  This should be happening in March, so I will post some pictures then.  To anyone that loves a deal and has not checked out this websites, I strongly caution you.  In the words of the afore mentioned wise man: You can go broke saving money!

Oh yeah, and Lilly got a haircut today...Thank you Mom!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

To: My Valentine!

In honor of this Valentine's Day, I attempted to research the history of this holiday.  I muddled through the wikipedia history for about thirty minutes before deciding that the the Valentine's Day history for kids was all that I needed to know about the holiday!  (Also, its hard to concentrate on anything with the Grammy Awards on tonight!)
So, after my thorough research, I have come to the conclusion that there is much speculation on the origins of this holiday that we celebrate with chocolates and flowers.  The true origin is not known, but it dates back to some where around third century in Rome. 
The fun facts were more interesting to me.  Such as the fact that Valentine's cards are second only to Christmas cards sent (volume-wise). 

*side note: Bob Dylan sounds awful.  I heard him in concert six years ago and I couldn't understand a word.  Tonight he is somewhat legible, but he sounds like he needs to cough and clear his throat.  On the other hand, his harmonica sounded very clear and therefore I think he should stick to that now.  Jay, you need to start practicing by the way.  I want to hear more than "Camptown Races" when you get home!

Another interesing fact is that "teachers will receive the most Valentine's Day cards, followed by children, mothers, wives, sweethearts and pets".... I guess Lilly and Billy will be needing VDay cards...I had no idea. :)  One website mentioned superstitions about VDay.  This was my favorite:

It is said that the kind of bird a girl watches on Valentine's Day predicts her future husband. For instance:
Sparrow: a poor man
Owl: remain spinster
Bluebird: a happy man
Blackbird: a priest or clergyman
Crossbill: an argumentative man

I must have seen alot of bluebirds on my past February 14ths!  I have NO idea what a crossbill is, but there might have been one thrown in there. j/k
Oh Jay, how I love thee....Let me count the ways!!  This is Jay on our very first date.  Everyone who knows me knows what a picture person I am.  I feel the NECESSITY to document every moment of my life with pictures.  So I was sneaky about this one.  I pretended that it was no big deal and just snapped it really quick...So after a wonderful first date, this was the very picture that I stared at...I zoomed in on....I talked about...this is the man that I fell in love with.  Starting on August 25th, 2009 (our first date), my love for Jay grew in to what it is now.  He confessed that he was falling in love with me only after a few dates, and then only weeks in to our whirlwind romance, he informed me that he was going to marry me!!  But I never felt more comfortable or sure about any decision in my life.  I know that God had US planned from the beginning and that He is with us every step.  So, I can't pinpoint a very time when I knew that Jay was the one, but I can definitely say that from this first date on, my life has been so full of love and happiness. 
Jay Jordan, Will You Be My Valentine?

File:Anthropomorphic Valentine, crica 1950.JPG

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Happy Birthday Amy!  I know its not your birthday yet in the USA, but I am celebrating it here in Nigeria right now and I'll continue to celebrate it until you tell me otherwise.  So I sent Amy a happy for her birthday and of course she has been expecting it for a week. Thank you online banking.  I was able to surprise her from here by getting a handful of the guys on shift and singing to her over the phone.  The locals were all up for it as well but each one of them wanted to be paid before showing off their natural talents.  I wish I was home to celebrate this special day but I promised her I will make up for it the whole month I am home.  We have great ideas and trips planned that we are both looking forward to.  Thank you so much Amy for being a part of my life.  The chickens have hatched, the grass is greener and Ive had my cake and eaten it too.   It has been such an experience and I promise you I will continue to do my part and give you all you have given me.  You're wonderful and I am so thankful God brought us together.  I love you always. - Your Jay