Sunday, June 8, 2014

2013 - Amy & Amanda in Meadvegas

As I was going through my pictures today, my mind wandered to this wonderful blog that I have neglected for over a year.  So here is a little catch-up from this time last year! 

My best friend Amanda and I agreed to take a day off work and do something fun with our on a Friday morning last June, Lilly and I picked up Amanda and Tucker in Jay's truck and we headed for the Homochitto River.  We packed snacks and cooler and when we got to my parent's house we got in the buggy and had a blast.  Here are some pics from one of the best Fridays I had last summer!
What a mess!!

Posing for the camera!


Belly up!

Resting after a long day in the sun...
We followed up the river fun with a dinner at Thibedeux's with Winnie and a ride through town showing Amanda all the sights!  The next morning, we left early to head back to Jackson so that Tucker could get his first real was a disaster--but thankfully it all grew back!  Anyway, love this these pups...and can't wait to do it again. :)