Monday, March 18, 2013

Painting my way to the next adventure!

February 12, 2013 started as a normal day.  I went to work and everything was just plain and the same as it is everyday.  That afternoon though, my sister asked me if I wanted to go to an Easely Amused painting night with her and her friend Melanie.  Anyone that knows me knows that I love to paint and go and do things, but that day I was definitely not feeling it.  Jay had just left for a hitch.  My birthday had just happened. I just wanted to go home and hide in my bed.  But I decided that being anti-social would be the opposite of what I needed, so I accepted my sister's invitation and went with her and Melanie and had a blast! 
Melanie and Sissy

Me, Melanie and Winn

The process...

The finished products!  "Swirly bird"
I really was not prepared for the way that this night would change my life.  I can only explain it as an answered prayer.  The story is that I was speaking to a marketing major/teacher stranger across the table from me when the stranger to the right of me overheard me talking and said that her company just had a position in marketing open and that she thought that I would be perfect.  Her name is Cindy and after talking to her a little bit, she gave me her email address to send my resume to.  The next day I was contacted by Human Resources who wanted to set up an interview.  Two interviews, one online personality assessment and a timed test later, I got the job of my dreams--or so it appears.  I won't know for sure until I start work this Wednesday.  But I can definitely say that I have loved speaking with everyone that I have met so far and the company seems to really respect their employees and treat them well.  So TODAY, was my very last day with the employer that I have worked for for the past FIVE YEARS.  It was my first job that I had out of college and I must say that I have well outgrown it.  Adios, farewell, adieu....
Peace out! Headed to my exit interview.

My last swipe before they took my badge!

Badge I've had for five still has my maiden name.

Driving through the gates to freedom!

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  1. This is mom. So proud of you for recognizing the door that was opened and for having the courage to follow through and make the change. I know how you feel about change. Wishing you the best at new, mom