Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sante South 2013

Sante South is a food and wine festival put on as a fundraiser for the MS Alzheimer's Association every year in Jackson. Last year Tracy and I went. It was awesome. The actual owners and vintners from the vineyards come and talk to you about their product as well as let you sample! Equally as exciting, several local restaurants provide excellent samples of some favorite dishes to accompany your wine.

I provably would purchase tickets to this event no matter who sponsors it...but the Alzheimer's Association has a special place in my heart. So I will go every year in order to support this charity. And I support it in honor of Thelma Ross, my grandmother. A strong woman whose last days were tainted by Alzheimer's. 

Also this year, my best friend Amanda went with me and my in-laws. Amanda's life has also been touched by loved ones suffering with this disease. I pray that one day, no one will have to watch their family members endure it.

I also got to run in to one of my new co workers, Jennifer and her husband Dale! Precious people. <3 em already.


  1. Amy, you look so pretty in these pictures. So do Tracey and Margaret. So glad you have somebody to have fun with when Jay is on the barge. I don't know a family who hasn't been touched by Alzheimers. It is a worthy cause.Mom.

  2. And Amanda is her lovely sweet self. Im glad she is your friend.